Best Chocolate Beers For Cacao Enthusiasts

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For beer connoisseurs who also happen to be devoted cacao enthusiasts, the marriage of chocolate and beer is a match made in flavor heaven. The craft beer movement has embraced the art of incorporating chocolate into their brews, resulting in a delightful array of chocolate-infused beers that cater to the discerning palate of cocoa lovers. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best chocolate beers that promise to elevate your tasting experience.

  1. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout: A Decadent Classic

One cannot discuss chocolate beers without mentioning Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. This iconic brew boasts a rich, velvety texture and a luscious chocolate profile derived from a blend of chocolate malts and real dark chocolate. The result is a beer that is as indulgent as a chocolate dessert, making it a favorite among those with a sweet tooth.

  1. Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout: Timeless Elegance

Brewed by the venerable Samuel Smith’s Brewery, the Organic Chocolate Stout is a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation. This beer combines roasted malt flavors with subtle notes of organic cocoa, creating a sophisticated and well-balanced profile. With its smooth finish, this stout is perfect for sipping and savoring the nuanced interplay between malt and chocolate.

  1. Southern Tier Choklat Imperial Stout: Intensely Rich

Southern Tier Brewing Company takes chocolate beer to new heights with its Choklat Imperial Stout. As the name suggests, this beer is not for the faint of heart. Packed with a generous dose of bittersweet chocolate, Choklat is a bold and robust imperial stout that delivers an intense chocolate experience. The addition of vanilla beans enhances the complexity, creating a beer that is both powerful and remarkably smooth.

  1. Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter: Chocolate and Beyond

While technically a porter, Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter earns its place on this list due to its remarkable chocolate character. Brewed with Dutch cocoa and chocolate nibs, this porter strikes a perfect balance between roasted malt bitterness and chocolate sweetness. The result is a versatile beer that can be enjoyed on various occasions, from cozy nights by the fireplace to festive gatherings.

  1. Rogue Ales’ Chocolate Stout: A Pacific Northwest Delight

Rogue Ales, known for pushing the boundaries of beer innovation, offers a delectable Chocolate Stout that showcases the brewery’s commitment to quality and flavor. Infused with imported Dutch bittersweet chocolate, this stout presents a harmonious blend of malt complexity and chocolate richness. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it a delightful choice for those seeking a luxurious chocolate beer experience.


For cacao enthusiasts with a penchant for craft beer, the world of chocolate-infused brews offers a tantalizing array of options. Whether you prefer a classic stout, a robust imperial brew, or a nuanced porter, the craft beer scene has something to satisfy every chocolate lover’s palate. So, grab a glass, indulge your senses, and embark on a flavorful journey through the best chocolate beers crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in both cacao and brewing. Cheers to the delightful marriage of chocolate and beer!

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