five least likable teams in the NFL

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In the vast landscape of the National Football League (NFL), every team has its own set of fans, critics, and detractors. While some teams are beloved by their hometowns and beyond, others find themselves on the receiving end of less-than-positive sentiments. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of the five least likable NFL teams, exploring the reasons behind their polarizing reputations.

  1. Dallas Cowboys:

The Dallas Cowboys are often referred to as “America’s Team,” but not everyone sees them through rose-colored glasses. Hailing from one of the wealthiest and most visible sports franchises, the Cowboys’ success and popularity have bred envy and resentment. Critics argue that the team’s prominence in the media, regardless of their on-field success, contributes to their divisive image.

  1. New England Patriots:

The New England Patriots, led by the formidable duo of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady (before his departure in 2020), experienced an unparalleled run of success that ignited envy and disdain among fans of rival teams. Accusations of rule-bending, the infamous “Spygate” scandal, and the “Deflategate” controversy have left a lasting stain on the team’s reputation, making them one of the least likable franchises in the league.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers:

The Pittsburgh Steelers, with their historic success and passionate fan base, might seem like an odd inclusion on this list. However, the team’s physical style of play and a history of intense rivalries have fueled a perception of the Steelers as a “bully” team. Some critics argue that the franchise’s gritty identity has led to a lack of sportsmanship, making them less likable among neutral fans.

  1. New York Giants:

While the New York Giants may not be the most disliked team overall, their success in high-stakes situations has ruffled feathers among fans of rival teams. The Giants’ two recent Super Bowl victories against the New England Patriots, both characterized by remarkable upsets, have left a bitter taste for Patriots fans and contributed to the Giants’ less-than-stellar reputation.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders:

Formerly known as the Oakland Raiders, this franchise has a long history of cultivating a “bad boy” image. The Raiders’ aggressive playing style, combined with a fan base known for its rowdiness, has led to a perception that the team embraces a rebellious and unsportsmanlike culture. Despite the move to Las Vegas, the team has struggled to shed its rough-and-tumble reputation, making them one of the least likable franchises in the NFL.


In the diverse landscape of the NFL, opinions about teams can vary widely. While some teams are adored for their success, style of play, or underdog status, others find themselves at the center of controversy and criticism. Whether it’s the Cowboys’ perceived arrogance, the Patriots’ history of rule-bending, the Steelers’ physical play, the Giants’ knack for upsetting favorites, or the Raiders’ rebellious image, these five teams have earned their places on the list of the least likable in the NFL. Love them or loathe them, their impact on the league’s narrative is undeniable.

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