Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $35k: 8 More Worth Over $1,000

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In the vast world of numismatics, coin collectors and enthusiasts are always on the lookout for hidden treasures that could turn an ordinary coin into a valuable artifact. Recently, a rare Bicentennial Quarter, minted in 1976, made headlines for its astonishing valuation of nearly $35,000. This discovery has ignited renewed interest in coin collecting, prompting enthusiasts to carefully inspect their coin stashes for potential hidden gems. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of rare quarters, exploring not only the Bicentennial Quarter but also eight others that command values exceeding $1,000.

The Bicentennial Quarter: A Closer Look:

The Bicentennial Quarter, minted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States, features a unique design showcasing a colonial drummer and a victory torch. What sets the valuable specimen apart is a rare error—specifically, a misalignment in the minting process that resulted in a double die obverse. This mistake has transformed an ordinary coin into a coveted collector’s item, fetching an impressive price tag of nearly $35,000 in recent auctions.

1932-D Washington Quarter:

    The 1932-D Washington Quarter is another gem in the world of rare coins. With a mintage of just over 436,000, this quarter is sought after by collectors due to its low availability. In mint condition, it can command prices exceeding $1,000, making it a must-have for serious collectors.

    1913-S Barber Quarter:

    The Barber Quarter series is well-known for its elegant design, but the 1913-S edition stands out as particularly valuable. With a low mintage of only 40,000, this quarter can fetch prices well into the thousands, especially in excellent condition.

    1955 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter:

    Similar to the Bicentennial Quarter, the 1955 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter features a notable minting error. The doubling on the obverse side of the coin makes it a sought-after rarity, with values surpassing $1,000.

    1804 Draped Bust Quarter:

    As one of the oldest coins on our list, the 1804 Draped Bust Quarter is a true numismatic treasure. With a limited mintage and its historical significance, this quarter can command impressive prices at auctions, often reaching well beyond $1,000.

    1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter:

    The 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter is a prime example of the impact of mint location on a coin’s rarity. With a low mintage of approximately 8,340, this coin is highly sought after by collectors, with values soaring into the four-figure range.

    1916 Standing Liberty Quarter:

    The Standing Liberty Quarter underwent a design change in 1916, resulting in a three-year series that is highly coveted by collectors. The 1916 edition, in particular, can fetch significant sums, especially when found in excellent condition.

    1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle Quarter:

    Closing our list is the 1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle Quarter, a true relic from the early days of American coinage. With a limited mintage and its status as one of the first quarters ever minted, this coin is a crown jewel for collectors, often valued at over $1,000.


    The world of rare quarters is a fascinating realm where history, art, and numismatics converge. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just discovering the allure of rare coins, these valuable quarters offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of American coinage. As stories of extraordinary discoveries continue to unfold, it’s a reminder that hidden treasures may be lurking in the most unexpected places, waiting to be unearthed by keen-eyed enthusiasts.

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