Tom Brady says NFL lacks ‘the excellence that I saw in the past’

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In a recent interview, legendary quarterback Tom Brady has raised eyebrows by expressing his concerns about the current state of the NFL, stating that the league lacks the excellence he witnessed in the past. Brady, widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, has a unique perspective, having played in the league for over two decades. Let’s delve into Brady’s comments and explore the factors he believes contribute to the perceived decline in excellence.

Brady’s Perspective:

Tom Brady’s illustrious career has spanned 22 seasons, during which he has achieved unprecedented success, including seven Super Bowl victories. Given his extensive experience, Brady’s comments on the state of the NFL carry weight and have sparked a conversation within the football community.

During the interview, Brady alluded to a sense of nostalgia for the bygone era when he first entered the league. He remarked that the level of excellence and competitiveness was different, implying that there might be a decline in the overall quality of play and standards within the NFL.

Possible Factors Contributing to Decline:

Rule Changes: Over the years, the NFL has implemented various rule changes aimed at player safety and increasing scoring opportunities. Some argue that these changes have altered the nature of the game, potentially diluting the level of competitiveness and physicality that characterized earlier eras.

Expansion of the League: The NFL has undergone significant expansion, with more teams added to the league over the years. Some critics argue that this expansion has led to a dilution of talent, resulting in a decrease in overall excellence.

Quarterback-Driven League: The modern NFL is often described as a quarterback-driven league, with rule changes favoring offenses and high-scoring games. This shift in emphasis may contribute to an imbalance and impact the overall quality of play.

Player Movement and Free Agency: With the advent of free agency and increased player movement, teams’ rosters can undergo significant changes from season to season. This can potentially disrupt team cohesion and impact the level of excellence in the league.

Officiating Controversies: The NFL has faced scrutiny in recent years due to controversial officiating decisions, leading to debates about the fairness and consistency of calls. This may contribute to a perception that the league’s overall quality has declined.


While Tom Brady’s comments may be seen as subjective and reflective of his personal experiences, they highlight a broader conversation about the evolution of the NFL. The league has evolved in numerous ways, from rule changes to team dynamics, and opinions on its current state vary among fans, players, and analysts. As the NFL continues to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, it remains to be seen whether the perceived decline in excellence is a temporary phase or a more profound shift in the landscape of professional football.

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