Why is Angel Reese benched?

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Angel Reese, the dynamic and highly-touted basketball talent, has found herself riding the bench in recent games, leaving fans and pundits alike puzzled. The Maryland Terrapins’ standout forward, known for her athleticism and versatility, has become a force to be reckoned with on the court. However, a recent string of games has seen her sidelined for extended periods. In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential reasons behind Angel Reese’s benching and delve into the various factors that could be at play.

Injury Concerns

One of the most common reasons for a player of Reese’s caliber to be benched is injury. Basketball is a physically demanding sport, and players often face the risk of injuries ranging from sprains to more severe issues. If Reese is nursing an injury, the coaching staff may be opting to rest her to ensure she makes a full recovery and is ready for the critical stretch of the season.

Team Dynamics

Basketball is a team sport, and the dynamics between players can significantly impact a team’s performance. It’s possible that the coaching staff is experimenting with different lineups or strategies, and Reese’s benching could be a tactical decision to maximize the team’s overall effectiveness. This doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively on Reese’s abilities but may be a part of the coach’s broader strategy.

Performance and Conditioning

Coaches often evaluate players based on their performance in practice and games, as well as their overall conditioning. If Reese is not meeting the expected standards in these areas, it could be a reason for her reduced playing time. Coaches may use benching as a motivational tool to encourage players to improve and stay focused on their game.

Matchup Considerations

Basketball coaches frequently adjust their lineups based on the matchups they face. If the opposing team poses a specific challenge that Reese may struggle to counter, the coach might opt for a different player whose skill set is better suited for that particular game. This strategic decision-making can lead to key players spending more time on the bench in certain matchups.

Development and Long-Term Planning

In some cases, coaches may opt to limit a player’s minutes as part of a broader development plan. This could involve managing a player’s workload to prevent burnout or overuse injuries, especially for young talents like Reese. Coaches may be considering the long-term health and success of the player and the team as a whole.


While fans may be eager to see Angel Reese dominate the court in every game, the decision to bench a player of her caliber is a complex one. Coaches take into account various factors, including injuries, team dynamics, performance, matchups, and long-term development. It’s essential for fans to trust the coaching staff’s expertise and understand that these decisions are made with the best interests of both the player and the team in mind. As the season unfolds, we may see Reese back in action, showcasing her skills and contributing to the team’s success once again.

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